Frequently Asked Questions

It’s all about doing less but acting consciously…

1. Where do we pickup?

We only do pick-ups downtown Toronto but as we grow we will then expand to the GTA. We are flexible just connect with us to see how we can help.

2. How does it work during the pickup?

During the pick up, we make sure that we are both aligned that the Effortless team is collecting gentle used clothes that are in good condition. To make the pick up smoother for you and our team, make sure to sort out only the clothes you want to sell. To help you sort them out, ask yourself: '“would I buy it?” It always works!

3. What’s the next step once we pickup your clothes?

Once the clothes have been picked-up, we will provide a pickup receipt* within 5 business days with the list of clothes we've picked up. We will provide details on the following: the quantity of clothes, the brands, the size and an estimated pricing.

*5% service fee is deducted from the total of the pickup receipt estimate.

4. How long does it take to see your clothes available on our website?

It takes 10 to 20 business days to review and prepare all the items and get them ready before we upload new content for new arrivals on our website. We will email you once the items are available on our website.

5. How to make sure our clothes will be sold?

Sharing is key. Share on your social media accounts, tell your friends, family, colleagues and gym partners about us and your experience with us. It will help us grow and increase your chances to sell your clothes & accessories faster.

6. How do we fix the price?

We fix the price of your clothes based on the following: the condition of the clothes, the in-market price of the clothes and the brand.

7. What happened to the unsold clothes?

After the 2-month period of sale on our website, all the unsold clothes are available for pick-up within 7 days. Passed the 7 days period, if the unsold clothes haven’t been picked up we will donate them to Diabetes Canada who we’ve partnered with for donations.

8. When do I know if my clothes or accessories have been sold?

It’s easy on the website it is showed as “SOLD OUT”. We will also provide an update after a month. We will also update you at the end of the of the 2-month period in order for you to either recover or donate your unsold clothes.